Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#54: 1st Bangkok Food Album

After a long silence (brought about by the growing demands of my adorable toddler) I have come back with a vengeance! The recipe ideas that I had in my mind piled on top of the other. I hope I will be able to draw them out again and actually WRITE them. But for now, I bring you some tasty moments I had from my recent (and short :-( ) trip to Sala Daeng, Bangkok. 

It's my first time to fly out so I even took pictures of my airplane food! Hahaha!

Braised beef, tofu salad, and a nice coctail drink on the side, yahoo!
Mousse cake with coffee for dessert
A strong team of condiments on a street food table

Oh this is the best I had so far, it is even sinful for
some people: rice noodles that look like penne in spicy-sour pork broth
with pork meat, liver, kidney (I think?), cooked blood, fried tofu
and pork cracklings! It is made dainty by a sprinkling of coriander.

Dessert: chopped bread dipped in a green, sweet and creamy
coconut sauce swirled with a dollop of condensed milk.
A huge glass of Thai milk tea in crushed ice for only 20 baht!
That thing is yummy.

For breakfast: yogurt with assorted grain cereals,
juicy dragon fruit, sayote cooked like sauerkraut, wheat bread toast,
fried egg and garlic-sauteed kangkong

Caught in the scene of the crime

Thais make sure that they have a pretty presentation of their food
This filled "pancake" is probably the most amazing food
performance I saw on the streets. 
For the picture above, the guy takes a ball of dough then flips and flaps it around like a roti canai to make it thin and wide. He then places it in a very hot, shallow wok with margarine. While it is frying, he places the taro and egg filing (that was our choice) inside and folds to make a square pancake. There are also other fillings like banana, corn and coconut. He then flips it on the other side and let it cook for a minute. He does this about four times until it is golden and puffy. He quickly chopes it into cubes and transfers it to a paper plate. Then the final touch: a generous smothering of condensed milk. Yes, yes, I know how you feel right now. It's so filling and tasty; the textures... crispy and hot on the outside, the filling silky with some chunks of taro every now and then, the sweet thickness of the condensed milk marrying the mellow flavors of the crust and the filling. Yeah, I have to go back. I mean it's quite obvious how I devoted a whole paragraph describing it right?

Found ourselves a Japanese food buffet one dinner and it
was equally smashing!

What is left of a delectable, crispy-fried pork knuckle
served with a thick, spicy vinaigrette. On the side
is some mashed potato and sauerkraut again!

On the left is Cashew Chicken and the green dish on the right
is a gorgeous chili-garlic sauteed kangkong stems 
cleverly presented like a plate of noodles!
Mexican coffee in a funky boot-shaped glass.
How fun is that?

I am sad to go home so soon but happy at the sight of my
breakfast meal on the flight back. And the croissant - it's
so buttery I had to ask for another serving. Good thing the
stewardess was gracious enough. :-D


  1. So happy that you enjoyed them all. I have been to Bangkok countless times, almost like my second home but too often for busy meetings that I seldom think about the food I eat. Happy to know too that the Roti woman was not a figment of our imagination. Matt had it one night but we didn't see her again. We searched for her everywhere but she was nowhere. In the end, we decided that she was not real. :)

    1. Hahahaha! Your roti woman is a hilarious story! We did not see a Roti woman though but a Roti man just at the corner of Soi 2 and Sala Daeng. He's there every night. :-)

      How I wish I can go back to Bangkok "countless times", too.