Sunday, August 29, 2010

#5: Pig in the Farm Omelette

As promised,  I'm sharing this omelette recipe to you dear friends. Again, you can stuff it with anything sensibly delicious with eggs. As for this recipe, I stuffed them with what's left-over in my fridge and they are namely canned corn, some bacon, baguio beans and tomato paste. But hey, it turned out to be a hearty lunch for my family that we ran out of rice. See the picture? I just snapped it with my cellphone. I promise to take better pictures next time. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

#4: Making Peace with Omelettes


It's a bit unglamorous calling them that so let's just call them omelettes.  I am usually discouraged to cook these because one, they turn out to be hard, dry and gummy. Two, they don't fly out of my pan looking immaculately intact. In fact, the last 5 attempts before this successful last attempt looked more like messed up scrambled eggs. Three, I can't seem to think of anything decent to fill up these omelettes with. I mean, do I really have to cook ginisang giniling first AND THEN make it into an omelette? Isn't that too much effort? Might as well eat the ginisang giniling as it is, right?

Well, I finally made my peace with the omelette and here are the tips and tricks that I learned to make the omelette your friend in the menu list.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

3: Chili Con Carne

Thank you to for the yummy picture!
  So the chili got a bit of that smoky flavor because the bottom got burned while I was writing my blog. You can actually avoid that by using a heavier bottomed saucepan and low fire. The thing is I only got low fire, a flimsy stainless steel saucepan and a forgetful mind. So attentiveness is also a precious asset in being able to cook well.

I love chili because they go with anything. Bread, rice, crackers, chips. Cook up some chili, stock it in the fridge and you can rest assured that you have something tasty and a bit sosy to feed friends who ambushed you for dinner. The thing with my chili, it doesn't have so much chili because I actually want to make it edible. Secondly, however which way you bend over backwards, it will not taste as Mexican as you want it to be without our featured ingredient: CUMIN! Sige, tama na ang satsat. (That's it, enough of the yackety-yack).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2: Disclaimer: What I Am Not and What I Am

Firstly, I am not a culinary arts graduate. I earned my chef-ness in the confines of my own home. But tell you what, I loooooooove food and there's nothing like (shooot! I think the chili con carne I'm stewing is starting to burn it's bottom! *gasp*) Tsk, tsk. See? I'm human.

Secondly, I love food tripping but I have not food tripped extensively because I am not your typical yuppie with lots of cash to burn. I am a striving/starving artist/ entrepreneur who also turned into a wife and mom. Going to all sorts of casual or even fine dining places is difficult to prioritize in my state. But that has an advantage because if some wealthier friend thought of bringing me to a new exciting food place, I am able to appreciate the food better. Ganun kapag patay-gutom di ba? Lahat masarap? Hahahaha! 

Friday, August 13, 2010

1: Training a "Cement-mixer" Eater

I started this blog because of my husband. He has been egging me ever since to write down my kitchen experiments and to write about my food trips. During the first few years, I thought that I haven't really been doing  a lot of successful experiments but after a while, I thought "Hey, I'm getting good at this!"