Thursday, December 23, 2010

#22: Vietnam, France, and Palawan in One Sitting

During one of JuanFoundSound's project with Compassion International, we were brought to Palawanto document how a family's life improved after being under Compassion's care. Our handler, E, has been raving about this noodle house that serves Chao Long. So after a long day of shooting, he took us to this rather dingy, flourescent lamp-lit karinderya-looking place named Bona's. Not that I mind. I believe that you will really experience the real deal in a culture's cooking by visiting places that are often visited by the mass. But I digress.

So there was a big board on one side of the wall that lists the menu. If I remember it right, the menu goes like this: 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#21: Tuna Vegetable Pasta

This recipe was taught to me by one of my Sisa girlfriend, Charis (hi Yox!). I was initially curious and eventually it earned my respect (after I sampled it, if two servings can be called a sample) because it was sooooo flavorful for something nutritious and has eggplant. Imagine, it has carrots, chunks of tomatoes, sweet white onions, bell peppers and eggplant swimming in tomato sauce and a dash of olive oil. What's more, it has tuna in it. I usually place a dish in my hall of fame if i get to have my my good friend "I" to eat something she hates. In this case, eggplant. *pat in the back* (Good job, Anne.)

Indeed, who will not eat eggplant when it is what gives this pasta dish its distinct character. It's smoky flavor punctuates (or rather gives it an exclamation point!) all the merry flavors that are at play in this tomato-based recipe.