Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Home-Multiplied Yogurt

I love yogurt.

But I am going to wreck my budget if I will get a store-bought yogurt for each time I get a craving for yogurt dessert, tzatziki dip or muesli.

So I am sharing the splendid solution for this. Yogurt need not be expensive. Here is how it goes:

Get a small tub of plain yogurt from the store. Make sure it says it has live micro-organisms.

Prepare as much milk as you want. Use full-cream milk. I use powdered milk and dilute it in warm water - not boiling okay. It should be warm in such a way that it will still be comfortable to dip your finger in it.

Take a tablespoon of the yogurt and mix it in the prepared milk. Cover and place in a warm place away from sunlight for 8 to 10 hours.

After that, you'll be surprised to see that your milk has coagulated and cultured into a liter of plain yogurt, yahoo!

Go chill in the ref. It keeps for one week. I personally love adding honey and dried mangoes to it. It is also a clever way to clean up that fruit jam jar. When a jar of jam is almost empty (except for thos bits sticking in the corners), I just pour some yogurt into the jar, shake and then, you have flavored yogurt!

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