Sunday, October 9, 2011

#46: A Lazy Dessert - Chocolate Ganache

Savory Sweet Life snapped this picture for me. :-)
Oh I had been very busy marketing our audio and voice-over services in JuanFoundSound I realized I haven't visited my friends here for  more than a month now. Being up to my neck in marketing and baby-sitiing tasks, I still had the gall to look for dessert. Unfortunately, I haven't got some fancy stuff in my pantry for some decent dessert. I looked in my fridge and I found these left-overs: chocolate chips, all-purpose cream and margarine.

Hah! Chocolate Ganache! okay, fine it's just chocolate sauce. Ganache happens when you add a bit of liquor to it. :-) 

TAKE 2: Hah! Chocolate sauce! Now this rich and lovely sweet sauce can store in your fridge for a week and you can drizzle it on practically any dessert. cake, bread or fruit. It's really brainless you may think why I even bothered to publish it here!