Monday, June 25, 2012

#47: Quiche Lorraine

My husband marveled at me when he learned that for most of my life, I did not eat breakfast. I didn't like it much if it meant left-over rice from last night and some desiccated fried fish from 2 days ago. Or if it means jars of spreads beside a loaf of bread.

However, during our honeymoon in Coco Beach, I realized that it can be the most beautiful meal of the day so long as you prepare it properly - prepare it with a little affection :-) When preparing breakfast, you have to throw in some respect because it should not be just a chore that you have to get by in the morning as you rush to school or work.

The ketchup garnish on the side was my tacky and contrived attempt
to dress up this quiche a bit. Still yummy though.

So in honor of breakfast, how about we try a lavish spin on your typical breakfast ingredient: eggs!