Thursday, January 27, 2011

#24: Knowing the Balicutia

I love coffee. I adoooooore coffee. Coffee is my companion when I blog, when I watch Jaime Oliver, when I eat  cookies, when I'm hanging out with my friends. It's a good thing my husband doesn't get jealous of it, hahaha! Any kind of coffee will do, whether it's instant or brewed. But if I can have my way, I prefer espresso drinks. But this is not about coffee, this is about what I happened to add to my coffee a month ago. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

#23: Mango Sesame Cookie Recipe

I am fond of baking cookies for my friends and family. That is because I know that the people around me don't bake and it is like an uber-special treat if they received these hand-crafted, dainty little goodies inside that crackling plastic box. People usually think that baking cookies is the level one of baking. I think level one is cupcakes. You just make the batter and pour them into the molds, pop them in the oven then Tadah! Cupcakes.

I feel like cookies are more level 2. I even find making quiches easier. While I know that the mixing and measuring of ingredients and the baking technique is simpler with cookies, it seems to be more tedious in the handling process. I feel like maintaining accuracy of measurements and application of baking instructions as with bread and cakes is easier than the repeated process of making little balls, patting them into, well, patties, sprinkling stuff, rolling them into stuff, putting fillings in between and so on takes so much time, effort and delicate handling to make sure they turn out looking pretty. You can't be a rough wrestler with cookies. You have to be as delicate as the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland to pull nice, exquisite cookies off. Maybe that's the reason why it is an effort for me. I'm not exactly your Barbie Princess type.